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98 in the Shade
Here's what they're saying about Andra:

"Andra Mitrovich, a dynamo who's got Janis's moves really down,...As
she makes it to the mike...you could almost swear it was 1967 again."
Francine Russo - The Village Voice

Mitrovich hold(s) back nothing but go(es) all out to rouse the audience
with several encores in addition to such Joplin favorites as "Piece of
My Heart," "Get It While You Can," "Me and Bobby McGee," "Ball and
Chain," and "Turtle Blues."
Elyse Sommer - Curtain Up

Andra C. Mitrovich, as the "public" Janis, sings with so much power,
and really brings back the sound that is so Janis Joplin...
Joseph Bowen - Centerstage

...the singing role of Janis is performed by Andra Mitrovich or Cathy
Richardson. Tonight it's Ms. Mitrovich. Feather boas streaming from
her head, throwing her arms and legs and soul all over the place. She
is absolutely terrific -- singing Janis with an iron set of pipes that over
the show will color 19 songs with finesse, grace and plenty of raw
Richard Gleaves - Aisle Say New York

Two singers, Andra Mitrovich and Cathy Richardson, alternate
performances as the singing Joplin. I can't vouch for Richardson, but
Mitrovich, whose performance is the one I saw, is sensational as she
furiously launches into the signature numbers and makes Joplin's
repertoire consistently dynamic.
Wolf Entertainment Guide

Andra Mitrovich: The Beehive belter is in New York doing her Janis
Joplin thing in the off-Broadway production of Love, Janis. According to
Zachary Scott Theatre Center Artistic Director Dave Steakley, who was
up for the show's opening weekend, Mitrovich is "rockin' the house."
The night he saw the show, "the audience was going crazy for Andra --
four standing ovations."


Joseph Jefferson Nomination for Best Actress in a Review for "Love,

B. Iden Payne Award for Best Actress in a Musical for "Love, Janis"

B. Iden Payne nomination for Best Actress in a Musical for "Soul

B. Iden Payne nomination for Best Actress in a Musical for "Rockin
Christmas Party"

B. Iden Payne nomination for Best Actress in a Musical for "Beehive"

Critics' Table Award for Featured Actress in a Musical for "Beehive"

Honorary Induction into the Gulf Coast R & R Hall of fame
as a member of "Big Brother and the Holding Company"
ZACH Theatre
September 03, 2008

Andra Mitrovich, star of the
Off-Broadway, national tour and
Austin premiere of the hit
musical LOVE, JANIS. This clip
features a sample of Janis hits
sung by Andra.
Andra Mitrovich with 98 in
the Shade

Andra Mitrovich performing with
98 in the Shade January 19,
2008 show at the Gulf Coast
Music Hall of Fame Induction
Ceremony in Port Arthur, Texas
October 02, 2009

Big Brother & The Holding
Company with Andra Mitrovich.
Let's Go To The Movies!!
Here are some clips of Andra on stage.
Click image to view.
Janis Joplin had a profound effect for many musicians,
artists and just plain people throughout the years — but, in
Andra’s life, Janis’ energy is more than profound: It’s
magnetic. It emanates from Andra in a way that reverberates
not only Janis’ voice and music — but also the soul of
Texas-born artist Janis Joplin, a singer who refused to
compromise freedom or love as she rose from the small
town of Port Arthur to international stardom. Janis lived life
for freedom. Undoubtedly, she would smile to know that
Andra Mitrovich keeps Janis’ music, message, voice and life
on the world stage 40 years after her tragic death.
Andra rocks New York City. A
photo of the marquee outside
the Village Theater in NYC.